Necessary Skills for Successful Onsite SEO

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Do You Have What it Takes to

Carry Out Your Onsite SEO Stratey?




Once you have created your onsite SEO strategy, you need to make sure you successfully execute it. A plan can look immaculate on paper, but if not carried out correctly then plan is essentially worthless. Onsite SEO strategies are normally based around, or include, the same or similar concepts;


– Visually appealing Image SEO

Responsive Design and format of your website

– A set of keywords in the form of Meta Tags  meta-tags

– Inclusion of the Theme throughout your titles/text/images

Internal Linking to different pages


Body Tags that breakup long/wordy paragraphs or large bodies of text

– The structures of your URL’s being shorter and including keywords


Whether your onsite SEO strategy includes zero, one or all of these concepts, you need a specific skill set in order to correctly apply these ideas to the actual website. Ensuring that your strategy and subject/theme are accurately and appropriately projected to the customer throughout your site (shown through images, text, title, tags, etc.) takes a unique skill set.


Skills & Abilities:


  • Analytical & Detail-Oriented In terms of a digital presence, weather that be a company website, social media account, blog post etc., a digital marketer that wants to successfully execute any onsite content will always pay attention to every small detail that goes into their work. Even one mistake, misspelling, or misinterpretation of information can turn off potential or current customers. Being analytical of the information you’re working with is just as important; knowing how to analyze the data, what it means on a small scale as well a broad general overview, and knowing how much/what content to communicate to customers is something every digital marketer needs to know how to do. 


  • Basic Design & Creativity Weather it’s photography, video, graphic design or drawing, a basic skill set relevant to art is needed in order to design an online presence that is visually appealing and informative to customers. Creativity goes hand in hand with basic design skills; being able to create a unique, attention grabbing aspect to your website may be the one small aspect that could set you apart from your competition and gain a potential customer. Implementing creativity into your design of  all aspects of your site will have a larger impact on any audience you are attempting to target. The design and format of your site also ensure that your viewers are receiving the information in an organized manner; typing long paragraphs, with no breaks, in small font, on a blank, with no images or colors, isn’t the type of setting viewers can thoroughly understand or enjoy. Possessing creativity and an eye for design will make sure you carry out your onsite SEO strategy the correct way. 


  • Communication Both oral and written communication skills are essential to gain the appropriate information from your business/customers/clients, and communicate that information in a clear and concise manner to the audience in which they want you to appeal to. If you are not able to appropriately explain the ideas and facts behind the theme of your site, it may leave viewers (a.k.a potential customers)  confused or mislead. Communicating the information on your website in ways that all types of viewers can comprehend will ensure that the important facts and information is being delivered. 





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