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Intro to AdWords; A Campaign Breakdown & Advantages

AdWords is a Google advertising service that places your ads on search results. An AdWords Campaign is an advertising campaign set up in a specific AdWords account that entails various ad groups, ads, and keywords.

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Breakdown of an Ad Campaign 

For each campaign you have, there are various ad groups. Within those ad groups you have the many ads that advertise and market the product, service, or business you created the campaign for. For each ad there are multiple keywords you include in that ad or base that ad around in order to reach potential customers, otherwise known as an ad strategy  Depending on how you enter the keyword/s of your campaign into AdWords, determines what match type it is. There are five match types for keywords, and they are a key component to a successful ad campaign.

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The keywords you assign to an ad can be branded or non-branded, depending on the strategy you are using and the audience that you are aiming to reach.

There are 5 different match types of keywords that you could use when entering a keyword into an ad group in Google AdWords.

See our “Selecting Your Keywords” blog post for more information on match types and keywords for your online advertising campaign.

Advantages of Using AdWords


  • Manage your Targets

Targeting the audience you do and don’t want to reach is a vital component to making your ads successful, efficient, and worth your money.

Besides targeting using keywords, AdWords lets you narrow down your ads to a niche of people based on one or a combination of the following;  location of website, geographical location, age group, language, days & times, devices, and more. Think of these as filters for who sees your ads.

If you’re the owner of a family owned restaurant, focusing on bringing in customers from surrounding cities rather than the locals who are already loyal customers, you could create an ad and specify it to only be shown in search results when the person who is searching is between a 1-5 mile radius of your restaurant. This particular type and range of targeting can be a huge asset to any digital marketer, for it gives you the power to strengthen your presence to an exact group or specific area that your business may be weak in.



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^(Targeting by geographical location and language)


^(Targeting by gender and age)




  • Managing Your Budget

Whether you’re using email blasts, quality content or mixed media, managing your online advertising budget for any sector of your campaign is a major success factor.

AdWords allows you to set a daily budget for how much you would like to spend, in addition to a yearly budget option as well. Being able to control exactly how much you’re going to spend, rather than estimating and end up spending more than you wanted, is what makes AdWords a safe and smart choice.

Even better, most of the time you won’t end up spending as much as the budget you set- you’ll spend less! That is because AdWords only requires you to actually pay when your ad is clicked on and viewed, which means your money won’t be wasted in places where potential customers don’t even see it. AdWords also only requires you to pay the amount that will keep your ad position in place above the next highest bidder. So if your highest bid on an ad, or the most money you’re willing to pay, is set to $12, but the next highest bidder is only willing to pay $9, AdWords only makes you pay $9.01.

In addition, even if you have a lower bid than another advertiser, if your ad is of higher quality, has better ad formatting and is more relevant, you could land a higher spot in Google results; just another way your money, along with your time and effort, are being put to better use by using AdWords.

Managing your budget with AdWords keeps your budget organized, saves you money, and will reap the most efficient results for any campaign.




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  •  Manage Your Campaigns

The My Client Center in AdWords allows you to manage multiple campaigns under one account.

Attempting to balance multiple clients, businesses, and individual customers can be tricky, especially if you’re using different platforms to manage them.

Adwords keeps all of your campaigns, data, and results under one account which lets you easily check on or change any part of a campaign at any time.

The user friendly format lays out your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords in a visually appealing and organized manner. The AdWords application can be used on an individual basis for someone such as an entrepreneur starting their own digital marketing company, or can be used by large businesses or franchises that have hundreds of campaigns.

No matter the user, AdWords brings the same benefit to anyone who uses its application.


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