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The Trends for the Digital Marketing Industry

Here are some updates about the industry as whole.

Regardless of the specific title or position that you would like to hold within the digital marketing industry, here are some current, relevant facts and information that are important to take into consideration when looking into a degree or career in digital marketing.


1. Tactics

Take a look at some effective, and not so effective, digital marketing tactics


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2. Digital Ad Spending 

Digital expenses as a whole, specifically spending on digital ads, have continuously risen over the past few years. A digital presence is the way of the future for any company or business, but with that, comes handling the finances behind those operations. So even if you aren’t majoring in digital marketing- finance, accounting, operations management, and many other majors can be applied to this industry.


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3. Market Share 

Who dominates the industry?


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4. 2015 Ad spend

The rise of the Digital Marketing method to $187 Billion


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5. Most Beneficial techniques

These are the results from asking 1,500 people, in February 2016, what digital marketing techniques would be most beneficial for them or the client they were working for

Digital Marketing activities with the greatest impact



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