Digital Marketing Degree’s

Check Out Some of the Degree Programs in Digital Marketing



Michigan State University;

“Companies who are looking to really win the digital marketing game typically with hire someone who is a “digital strategist” to help them.”

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing


University of Michigan;

“Marketing involves developing strategies for the promotion, development, pricing, and distribution of a product or service. As a marketer, you may analyze a potential customer base or plan a campaign to build a brand.”


Georgetown University;       Image result for georgetown university

“The Certificate in Digital Marketing program is designed to introduce students to the world of multi-channel marketing.”


Oakland University;

Marketing is a management process that includes all of the activities involved in bringing products (goods or services) to their successful delivery to customers.”

University of Phoenix;             

“When you earn your Bachelor of Science in Business with Digital Marketing Certificate, your understanding of digital marketing, search engine optimization, consumer behavior and more can help businesses shine.”


University of Michigan-Dearborn;

“Gain the skills and knowledge needed to enter the digital marketing workforce, or to advance in your existing career.”


Wayne State University; 

Your idea of a great career includes figuring out what customers want before they do and presenting it in the marketplace creatively and effectively.”


George Washington University

“Technology continues to drive business in the 21st century, and mastery of digital marketing operations and techniques is a prerequisite for success.”

Marketing Communications & Digital Marketing


Arizona State University;       Image result for arizona state university

“This concentration will enhance the marketing degree by providing specialized expertise to our graduates in an area that is growing in importance in the marketplace.”


Full Sail University;

Conquer the world of web marketing and propel your career.


New York University         Image result for nyu logo

“The specialization in Digital Marketing provides students with the strategic and analytical skills to guide organizations in a digital world.”


Florida Atlantic University

“Today, having a digital presence is more important and applicable than ever.”


Fairleigh Dickinson University Image result for fairleigh dickinson university logo

“Our curriculum focuses on providing students with learning opportunities that hone the competencies that they will require to be successful”



Certifications in Digital Marketing

“Digital marketing certificate programs are designed to serve the needs of students who hope to obtain advanced training in digital marketing.” There are a variety of programs from various universities in which you can obtain a certificate in digital marketing directly, or in a sub category such as digital communications, social media, digital analytics, etc. A certificate in digital marketing will expand your knowledge base, build your resume, and make you a more appealing candidate for any job within the industry.


University of California Los Angeles

Marketing Certificate with concentration in Social Media and Web Analytics


University of Notre Dame

Digital Marketing Certificate Program

Sacred Heart University

Graduate Digital Marketing Certificate Program


Online Marketing Institute

Digital Marketing Certified



University of Missouri

Digital & Social Media Marketing Certificate


Duke University

Digital Media and Marketing Certificate program



Google Adwords Certificate


University of Phoenix

Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Marketing


University of British Columbia

Digital Strategy Certificate Program–1ASfwD-JQkkG7wN2tjhr0cIOlwm-1l9NDIaAiOL8P8HAQ


“Advertising and marketing have both evolved drastically from the days long past of luxurious billboard ads and clever TV bits dreamt up by the Don Drapers of old. Today most of advertising and marketing is conducted by contractors or marketing firms in the digital realm–through strategies such as website ads, facebook marketing campaigns, SEO optimization, Google Adwords, and more. These new developments in the industry create a wealth of opportunities for both current marketing professionals and prospective students to specialize in such strategies to become a valuable asset to any type of business.”


Read more about some of the best digital marketing certificates, and where they come from. Read descriptions and backgrounds of the well respected establishments that have these programs, costs for degrees and certificates, and the time duration in which you could become certified.

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