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Offsite SEO Strategy; Utilizing Digital Marketing Channels


Using digital channels to promote your good or service is one way to maximize your offsite search engine optimization. Bringing brand awareness, appealing to a vast range of potential customers and increasing your page ranking on Google, are some of the many advantages of using these channels.
Even if you are still a student and have not yet entered the industry with a career, knowing what tools to use and how to use them to increase your digital presence offsite, will equip you for your future endeavors in the the digital marketing field.
  1. Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine optimization involves a variation of activities aimed at both onsite and offsite. This includes activities such as keyword research, creating a theme, digital presence management, increasing relevancy and quality content, and cross linking. Using the search and display networks are both extremely useful tools for

  2.  Social Media Marketing

    Various networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media sites are a great way to create brand awareness and drive traffic to your site. Keeping up with your social media accounts, making your viewers/followers aware of new posts on your website and carrying your website theme over to those accounts, will ensure you are conveying a cohesive message to your audience across multiple platforms.

  3. Email Marketing

    Although this is not one of the more modern tools, it is one of the most effective. This digital marketing channel can give up to a 4,300 % Return on investment for a company or business. The key for email marketing is knowing the demographics of the potential customers you are emailing. Decide whether or not this type of method of marketing going to be effective and efficient for the customer based on their gender, age, geographic location, and search and buying behavior.


  4. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    Using AdWords, you can set a daily, weekly or monthly budget for this method that can return a large amount of customers within a short amount of time. This type of advertising is what I think to be the most sensitive and efficient for your budget. There are various ad types that can each serve your website or business in a different way depending on what your theme or goal for the adverting campaign is. Some ad types include

  5. Display Advertising

    This can include blog posts, pop up ads, videos, interactive polls, websites and forums that can be posted on third party sites to attractive potential customers. Using AdWords display network as a form of an ad campaign will match your ads (promoting your business, good or service) to customer’s search results. Display Advertising will increase awareness and reach out to potential customers that are visiting sites related to yours.


  6. Content Marketing

    Content that is of high quality and relevance to the customer search can make for a successful content marketing campaign on any platform. Knowing the search behavior of your customers will lead you to the types of products, services or businesses that they are looking for. Use this information, you can provide customized data on your ad or site to appropriately cater to their needs.

Read more in depth on some of the best digital marketing channels, and they can be useful to you!


Top 5 Digital Marketing Channels

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